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Winter Practices for Reviving the Soul

In a culture obsessed with the outward, the bold, and the all too obvious, it can be difficult for us to set time aside for savoring the more subtle aspects of our day to day lives. As the late Winter months roll around, I'd like to encourage each of you to bask in the chilly light of February, and through it, discover the potency in allowing space for simplicity. Here are 3 ways to find joy in the darkness of Winter.

1) Puddle Jumping

Remember when you were a kid and weren't afraid to get messy? Let go of that grown-up mandate forcing you to "stay dry" during rain storms, go outside and get some good old fashioned playtime in! It's guaranteed to lift your spirits.

2) Indoor Gardening

Studies have shown that connecting to nature can actually help us to better manage stress, improve sleep and be happier overall. When the weather has you stuck inside, try digging into some dirt a la indoor potted plant style.

3) Restorative Yoga with Pillows

For instant body/mind rejuvination, grap a few pillows from your bed and hit your mat. Try placing one pillow horizonally behind your heart, so that your shoulders can relax over the top edge of the pillow, and another under your knees for a sweet support for the lower joints in the body.

Now, go forth and find some sweet contentment in the little things.

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