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What is Earth Wisdom?

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

The term "Earth Wisdom" has a tendency to fall on deaf ears. I think for many, it feels like a term reserved for those who adhere to a set of unspoken rules: 1) thou shall only speak in an annoyingly hushed sing-songy voice 2) thou shall juice fast an absurd amount 3) thou shall smell of patchouli 4) thou shall hug other people for at least 1 full minute whilst cooing (preferably in the middle of the isle at Good Earth). I've found it holds the power to conjure up a multitude of responses, from curiosity to eye rolling. And to be honest, had I not been introduced to it in the exact way that I had, I'd probably fall into the latter category. I'm as much a crystal keeping, sage burning, moon worshiper as I am a practical lover of logic and science.

My own path to Earth Wisdom felt natural, like a coming home. I think most people are captivated by nature in some way. Even those not up for "roughing it" can't deny the magic of looking out across untouched wilderness. There is a visceral response which is altogether energizing, calming, primal and familiar. This spark of recognition is our body acknowledging our place as beings of nature, because when it comes down to it, we're all just animals. All human beings inevitably experience some draw to this inherent wisdom, dormant as it might be. And, in the not so distant past, ever single one of our ancestors, no matter where they came from, had some connection to this type of knowing the earth. It is, after all, how our ancestors survived long enough to birth us. Pre modern times, if you didn't understand the season's and cycles, you were as good as dead. Now, it's become a lost art, a remnant of times past, leaving us with a sense of vacancy which cannot be filled by any amount of Netflix or Facebook.

The easiest way to start down this path? As my teacher says, go outside, and look up at the moon. To practice Earth Wisdom is to be engaged in a harmonious relationship with nature. It's not just about going camping and enjoying yourself, but about establishing a working relationship with the earth itself. We should give to nature as much as she gives to us. On this path we honor the many seasonal changes, both obvious and subtle. Earth Wisdom is cyclical. This can look like many things from working with herbs or the cosmos, to practicing rituals and creating altars. The information we once relied on to survive, can now be reclaimed in order for us to truly thrive. When we know the details of nature, we know the details of the self. So stop what you're doing, go outside, and look up.

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